Ngelpartners UMAM System

Ngelpartners UMAM systems link investors with fund managers.
Our systems allow the fund managers to set up UMAM accounts and see the investors' status. Investors can check the fund's performance on a real time basis.

Ngelpartners's UMAM systems is suitable for Money Managers, Hedge Funds, and Family Offices. With Ngelpartners's UMAM account, investors can sign a Limited Power of Attorney with their manager of choice, agree on a performance fee, and Ngelpartners will act as custodian ensuring the manager receives the agreed-upon percentage all while the investor has full control of her/his account.

Ngelpartners's UMAM account accommodates performance, management, and trade fees.

Ngelpartners UMAM systems provide the fund managers with the best technology built for the highest level of efficiency integrity.