1. As the current cryptocurrency market price is fluctuating rapidly, it is calculated and transferred based on the cryptocurrency price at the time of remittance when depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency. Therefore, please understand that the amount of cryptocurrency may be different from the amount of cryptocurrency at the time of application.

2. In the current cryptocurrency remittance process, gas costs may surge, making it difficult to withdraw smoothly.
In this case, once the withdrawal application is received, our support team can inquire about the wallet address of another cryptocurrency that can replace the cryptocurrency wallet you applied for, so please refer to it.

3. Cryptocurrency withdrawals will be made on GMT+3 & GMT+11 during the week.

4. If you abuse our deposit and withdrawal system in anticipation of premium profits using the price difference of the cryptocurrency exchange, please be careful that withdrawals may be processed or restricted after 48 hours.

5. If the source of the funds is unclear, an explanation may be requested, and if the explanation is not made, withdrawal may be restricted.

Please note that the deposit, withdrawal and customer consultation centers are operated in the following times as follows:

1. Customer Consultation Center: Weekdays AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00 (GMT+8) [Closed on weekends and holidays]
-Online consultation chat services
-For after consultation hours, you may submit us an online inquiry (Submit)
-Inquiries will be answered on the next business day.

2. Deposit processing time: 365 days, 24 hours
-AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00(GMT+8): Processed as deposits.
-PM 06:00 ~ AM 09:00 (GMT+8): Initially, this will be processed as a credit, and will be changed to a deposit the next business day.

3. Withdrawal processing time: Weekdays AM 09:00 ~ PM 06:00 (GMT+8)
-You can apply for a withdrawal at any time.
-Applications for withdrawals made during the weekends, holidays, and outside withdrawal processing times will be withdrawn on the next business day.

FX margin trading is a form of trading that takes profit by buying or selling foreign currencies.

The biggest advantage of FX margin trading is that it has a two-way profit structure, so you can enter either a buy or sell position.

FX traders make money by exchanging one currency for another. For example, suppose the USD dollar per euro exchange rate is $1.1300, and you spend $1,130 to buy 1,000 euros. Exchange rates continue to change 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Later, when the euro exchange rate reaches $15,000, you can get a profit of $370 if you sell the previously bought 1,000 euro.

Meta Trader4 is the most preferred platform for professional traders of FX Forex for its extremely convenient and functional performances. This program serves various OS systems such as Windows and Mac, supporting a variety of benefits tailored to your convenience.

MT4 / MT5 is one of the award-winning trading platforms.
With continuous upgrades and outstanding Russian technology applied to Meta quotes
The most preferred technology selected by traders
A system that offers hedging
Supports Windows & Mac
Simple features, such as trading with just one click
Free economic calendar
EA facilities
Indices, free charts and transaction histories
Multiple transaction charts
News feeds and other economic data
Mapping trade signals with accounts

Ngel Partners has a system for translating documents produced in various languages. Any documents issued within the last 3 months are considered relevant, but in certain countries, we may request documents printed in English.

The name, date of birth, and expiry date must appear on the passport or ID card without being masked of any sort. The name on the ID must also be the same as the name on the signup information and must include a photo.

Just as in the case of applying for a personal account, you can submit the document that verifies the corporate’s identity. Please contact the customer center separately.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an authentication process that verifies the identity of customers.

These are the operating rules that financial institutions, banks, exchanges, and other companies are required to participate in this field.

Please note that the identity verification process is intended to comply with anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws, not because we are suspicious that our customers are perceived to engage in illegal activities.

You need to fill out your personal information, as required by the regulatory authority, on application form and upload your ID (with your Photo) and evidence of address or Bill copy on Ngelpartners Home Page (

Right-click on the currency symbol of your choice in the market watch window and select the ‘Chart Window’ option. Or, click and hold the currency symbol and drag it to the chart window.

One of the most common issues with login errors is entering an incorrect account number, password or server name. If you have entered your account number and password correctly, please make sure you have selected the right trading server.

After logging in to the website, you can check the server for each account under ‘My Account -> Trading Account’.

You can use all the features and functions identical to the live account in the demo account. Note that this is not exactly the same as the situations in the actual market. The only difference is that the trading activities executed by the demo account does not give any influence to the actual market.

In addition, users will have different psychological states when trading with demo/live accounts. This can affect the performance when trading with your demo account. We advise you to pay extra attention rather than being satisfied with the results you made while using the demo account.

If the average market price under the contract is lower than the clearing price for your short offer or higher than the clearing price for short selling, your position will be liquidated because it will not reach your level of margin available. In your transaction history, the liquidated price means the bankruptcy price (your margin level equals 100).

* At the time of liquidation, the market will attempt to close the position.

Leverage is a multiple of your account balance. Depending on the leverage, the required deposit will also be lowered, and the position can be opened larger.
Leverage can generate an increase in profit, but there is also a risk of loss if the number of open positions (lot size) increase.

For example:

Account balance: 100 USD

Account leverage: 1:100

For your capital, you can trade 100 x 100 USD = 10,000 USD (instead of 100 USD).

Ngel Partners offers up to 200:1 leverages. You can use up to 200x leverage if you don't have a holding position or an outstanding order.


Through the partnership agreement with Ngel Partners, we maximize the profitability of our partners and provide the best environment for business growth. When in partnership with us, we offer the highest rate of profit by letting you accurately receive your fees and attain more customers; as well as managing the best experience to your existing customers. Apply for an Partnership with us and earn high profit at low costs.


If a new user recommends an affiliate, they can receive commission without any costs. It provides a useful and transparent management program for affiliates to manage their customers. We provide a deep analysis of reports showing the transactions of customers in real-time. You can generate profit consistently while we optimize the best system for your high profits. Earn commissions without worrying about where to trade.

Log in to the web page and contact LiveChat or [[email protected]] via LiveSupport on the left side of the page by email.